Create, save and manage Metrics in Amplitude

Create, save and manage Metrics in Amplitude


Back at Amplify, we announced new ways to create, save and re-use Metrics in Amplitude. We’re excited to share this update as a new open beta release for Growth and Enterprise plan customers!



Here are a few examples of what teams can do with Metrics in Amplitude:

  • A media company that cares about subscribers can now easily define a metric to track how landing pages lead to subscription outcomes
  • An e-commerce business that needs to understand the impact of product behaviors on checkout completion now has a single source of truth
  • A mobile gaming company can define key revenue metrics, such as average subscription value or revenue per user, that product, growth, and marketing can use to grow their subscription business
  • A marketing team can now use our new Ad-Network integrations to bring in campaign spend data and create custom ad metrics directly in Amplitude

You can now define and save Metrics as reusable analysis objects in Amplitude. Learn more here. Metrics are shared project-wide and can be created by any member, project manager, or admin. However, only project managers and admins can designate a Metric as official.


Additionally, customers on our Enterprise plans now also have access to our new Object Management Center. Object Management in Amplitude provides users with a one-stop shop for centrally managing analysis objects including the ability to govern and curate your Metrics alongside other analysis objects in Amplitude including cohorts, segments, and even custom events!

We’re excited to bring these new updates for customers looking to standardize your team’s reporting around your most important product metrics in Amplitude!

This is exciting! Ad-Network integrations will save a lot of manual time in spreadsheets.

So glad this is helpful @timothy-permutable Thanks for all you do! 😀