Introducing Object Management in Amplitude

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Introducing Object Management in Amplitude

Object Management in Amplitude provides users with a one-stop shop for centrally managing analysis objects (custom events, metrics, segments, cohorts) to reduce clutter and increase trust/confidence for end users when building analyses.

During creation, users can view similar objects to reduce duplication and “officiate” objects. Once created, users can view metadata, search for and edit existing objects, and jumpstart analyses from the object itself.



With Object Management Center, you can now

  • Create official “verified” analysis objects
  • Update existing analysis object definitions
  • Understand what analysis objects are most/least queried
  • Delete unused, inaccurate analysis objects
  • Proactively reduce clutter by identifying duplicates in the system
  • Jumpstart analyses from objects after checking key metadata

As part of our open beta release, Object Management is available in our enterprise plan and will be rolling out to customers this week. Head over to our Help Center documentation on getting started!

This is exciting. 🔥
I can see so many pain points getting addressed in here.

Will this be available for Growth plan as well?

Hi @cwhooten Thanks for this question. This is not available for Growth plans.

Hi @cwhooten Thanks for this question. This is not available for Growth plans.

Gotcha, thanks for the fast reply. That’s a bummer. Does that apply to those with the data/governance/taxonomy (whatever it is called these days) “add-on”?

@cwhooten Great question, I just sent this to the team, who can confirm. 😃

Hi @cwhooten - good question! At the moment, the Object Management Center will be available to only those customers on the Enterprise Plan. So it’s not bundled in the Govern add-on. If you’d like to discuss plan upgrade options, please let me know, and I can put you in touch with your account manager.