Create dynamic cohorts using Behavioral cohorts API

  • 16 January 2023
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There’s a requirement for creating dynamic cohorts in my Amplitude project with the help of existing Rest API. I am able to create a static cohort but it needs to be dynamic. The documentation doesn’t provide information about creating one. Is it possible to create one? If its possible, can someone point me in the right direction in regards to creating a dynamic cohort?


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5 replies

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Hey @Mridul Sharma 

I’m assuming that a dynamic cohort via API is the one wherein you can change the cohort parameters ( like event/properties/date since,etc ) on the fly using API parameters?

If yes, then the cohorts API has no such functionality as of now.

The major support is for downloading a static cohort, generating a new cohort and updating an existing cohort.

You can refer to this post for further reference


Hope this helps.


Hey @Saish Redkar

I appreciate the information. I wanted to specifically use the cohorts API to create a dynamic cohort, but I now realise that is not currently possible. I guess I'll have to create the dynamic cohorts manually.


Hi!  Is there a place where we can file an improvement request?  I would like this as well!

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@Mattics Phi


got it, thank you!