October 2022 Product Release Highlights: New features to better understand and engage your users

October 2022 Product Release Highlights: New features to better understand and engage your users

Another month, another slew of product releases in Amplitude! 

We’re excited to share new features that help you better understand how your users behave and quickly build cohorts to engage them.

Of course, we also made product experience updates across the board so getting stuff done in Amplitude continues to be a breeze.

Updates are available to all Amplitude customers and in the EU Data Center unless otherwise specified.




Analytics improvements

  • Cart Analysis yOpen beta]

  • Atlassian Smart Links

  • Campaign reporting features uOpen beta]

  • Marketing Analytics Browser SDK

  • Access disclosure badges

  • Sequential cohorts

  • Interactive cohort preview

  • Updated model for predictive cohorts

Data improvements

  • Enhanced observe experience

  • Image support

  • Data migration tComing soon]



Analytics improvements
More ways for more teams to use customer data


Uncover insights about customer transactions to better understand purchase behavior with Cart Analysis nOpen beta]

Cart Analysis helps you move your ecommerce business forward. Powered by object arrays, this feature helps uncover new insights about customer transactions and better understand purchase behavior. Get answers to critical questions about which product categories perform best, how different products convert through the checkout funnel, and more.

Enterprise customers can start using the feature today within their event segmentation and funnels chart by accessing the product array. 

Learn more about cart analysis.


Bring Amplitude analysis to your team collaboration tools with Atlassian Smart Links

Collaborate on product development all in one place with analysis alongside project timelines and actions. With the Atlassian integration, you can quickly organize Amplitude analysis workflows with smart links across apps like Confluence, Jira, and Trello.

This feature is not currently available in the EU Data Center.

Learn more about Atlassian Smart Links.


Better measure marketing impact with new campaign reporting features gOpen Beta]

Two new features in Analytics make it easier to understand the impact of your acquisition investments across channels:

  • Acquisition Channels - Identify where your acquisition traffic is coming from alongside your other performance measurements. Create rules that use existing properties and property values to automatically classify the channel used to source events in your products. You can access this new feature in the Govern Console. 
  • Multi-Touch Attribution - Easily distribute credit for your marketing programs using pre-built or custom attribution models configured on your metric. You can access this new feature in Data Tables.

Combining Acquisition Channels and Multi-Touch Attribution lets you understand how your channels impact bottom-line product outcomes, such as which features drive conversion and how your channels retain over time.

Growth and Enterprise customers can start using these features today as part of the open beta.

Learn more about new campaign reporting features.


Unlock automatic web attribution and more with Marketing Analytics Browser SDK

The Marketing Analytics Browser Software Development Kit (SDK) extends the Typescript Browser SDK with automatic web attribution and page view tracking. With automatic page tracking, a marketing team can start instrumenting their website without developer support. Plus, settings improvements in the SDK make it easier than ever to get started with marketing analytics.

Learn more about the Marketing Analytics Browser SDK.


New cohort enhancements


Enjoy more flexibility in cohort creation and management with sequential cohorts

Build and edit cohorts based on a step in the user flow (ex. create account) directly from the cohorts builder in Analytics and Audiences. Now, there’s no requirement to start with a funnel chart and create the cohort through microscope.


Get a dynamic view into membership with interactive cohort preview

Interactive Cohort Preview gives you instant feedback as you build and edit cohorts. Before this release, you’d need to build a cohort, save it, then inspect it for accuracy. Now you can spot errors before saving your cohort, so you can make it more precise in less time. Start using this new feature in the Cohort builder in Analytics and Audiences today.


Enjoy improved model accuracy and quality with an updated predictive cohorts model

Predictive cohorts now include a self-attention-based sequence machine learning model to better harness the power of deep learning. 

All Audiences customers with the Models package now have access to this updated model. However, this feature is not available in the EU Data Center at this time.


Data improvements

Improved data management 


Debug data issues more efficiently with an enhanced observe experience

We’ve introduced a new “Issues” column on the Events page to help you identify and address any problems with your data. In the future, you’ll be able to filter events based on the issue types identified.


Add images to entity descriptions

You can now add multiple images to nearly any entity with a description in Data, including any comments. Amplitude hosts all images.


Enjoy an improved data migration experience nComing soon]

We’re testing a new experience for managing event data in Amplitude. If you started using Amplitude this year, you might already be using it! 

We’re excited to migrate all Amplitude users to this new experience over the coming weeks and months. You’ll be on a unified console where you can access new proactive planning capabilities, developer tooling, and data observability at no additional cost. As we gradually move all customers based on your existing schema complexity, we will be emailing the admin users of your workspace. For additional details, keep an eye on the Community.



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