Acquisition Channels and Multi-Touch Attribution now in open beta

Acquisition Channels and Multi-Touch Attribution now in open beta

At Amplify we announced new features including Acquisition Channels and Multi-Touch Attribution. These new features are now in open beta and are available to customers in our Growth and Enterprise Plans.


Acquisition Channels 


With Acquisition Channels, you can identify where your acquisition traffic is coming from, alongside your other performance measurements. You can also create rules that use existing properties and property values to automatically classify the channel used to source respective events in your product. Alongside our new Multi-Touch Attribution, you can now understand how your channels impact bottom-line product outcomes. i.e. which channels bring in power users, which features are true conversion drivers, how your channels retain over time. Learn more here.


Multi-Touch Attribution


With Multi-Touch Attribution available natively in Amplitude, you can easily distribute credit for your marketing programs using pre-built attribution models out of the box that can be configured on your metric. If the pre-built attribution models do not meet your needs, you can also create a custom model. Unlike other solutions, the power of the Amplitude Behavioral Graph enables unlimited look-back windows on attribution. By combining product + acquisition data, you can attribute product usage by acquisition source as well as see how product features or content impact product success events. Learn more here.


By combining new acquisition insights along side Multi-Touch attribution, we want to help customers measure how effective your acquisition investments are in driving product engagement, as well as the impact of your channel strategy across the customer journey. We’re excited to see you take advantage of these new capabilities inside Amplitude!

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