Meet our new navigation

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We’re excited to share new navigation and usability improvements to Data and Analytics.  

Highlights of the new UI include: 

  • New universal navigation bar 

  • Improved search prioritization logic

  • Introducing Favorites, a new feature that allows you to star reports, dashboards, notebooks, charts, and cohorts

  • New object toolbar & headers

Amplitude is the #1 Digital Analytics Platform that provides self-service insights for product teams in order to build data-driven products. As we continue to invest in this mission, we want to (1) make it even easier for anyone to get started with Amplitude, (2) design for improved collaboration experiences, and (3) help teams unlock value faster

To improve on this vision, we're introducing a set of new improvements to our navigation and usability experience.

New universal navigation bar

Centralized key actions you can take in Amplitude are now located across the top bar to keep everything–create new, access home, view recents, spaces, and cohorts–in one spot across the top of your screen. 

Improved search prioritization logic

We’re excited to share new search prioritization logic that orders results by the most popular content in your organization. We've heard the need from users to have search be more comprehensive and are planning on including the likes of help content and other results in search. 

Our Favorite improvements

The days of removing starred reports via the dropdown clicking into every object are in the past. Now, you can quickly un-favorite, basically in bulk. Keep your favorites in your preferred order - now you can drag and drop them into whatever order you want. Finally, we’re happy to share that charts and cohorts have joined reports, dashboards, and notebooks as items that can be favorited! 

Creating an intuitive and best-in-class customer experience is a top priority for us. Stay tuned for more exciting updates! We’re always looking for feedback on how to improve the usability of Amplitude, so let us know what you think.

I am not able to switch it to the new navigation. Please help. I tried to find out ways to do it but could see it anywhere

Thanks for reaching out here @Kushal Kulkarni. Were you able to try out the new navigation? Here’s an overview of our settings page and depending on what plan you’re on we recommend that you reach out to your account team for access. 

Hi, how can I navigate to “events” and “properties” pages?

There is no navigation bar inside the Data tab.

The only way I navigate now is by intuitively adding the names of the pages like: + events that results


Same for properties + properties

Kind Regards,

Almaz Aubakirov

PM at Viled

@Viled Analytics welcome! This article might be helpful when using the Amplitude Data feature. Do you see this view when you’re in the Data tab?