Data Tables is now available to all customers

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Data Tables is now available to all customers

Update 02/17/2023: 


At Amplify, we announced a brand new analysis called Data Tables. Starting today, Data Tables will be available to all customers, including our starter plans! 

With Data Tables, we’re unlocking multi-dimensional analyses right inside Amplitude so teams can quickly compare and visualize how products drive their key business outcomes. You can learn more about this release in our blog post.



Data Tables and our new announcements, such as Metrics and Campaign Reporting capabilities, make it easier for teams to consolidate their analytics solutions while modernizing the metrics they can track across the end-to-end customer journey. Be sure to check out our documentation for more information.

Additional features such as Metrics and our new campaign reporting features are currently in closed beta. If you’re interested in learning more, contact our sales team to schedule a demo.

Great to have this available to everyone! Looking forward to trying it out with my clients.

So glad you’re excited about it @timothy-permutable. So are we! 😁

Would like to see more columns added for bulk report building and exporting. At least 10 to 15 columns. It limits you to five columns.

Thanks for this feedback @Cortney Ketchum  I’ll share it with the team! 😁

Hi Jeremie,

We use the starter plan and love Data tables, but since 2-3 days ago we can’t export to excel anymore and export to CSV adds all data to one cell...very weird.

Are you aware of this bug? maybe it’s related to the release?

Thanks for reaching out @Aviad. Somehow we missed this! Were you able to make progress? I’ve sent this to our support team, who will get back to you soon. 

Hi @Aviad ! A bug was raised to the Engineering team last week regarding to the Data Tables export not matching to the UI and a fix was released! Can you check to see if this is now fixed on your end as well?