Amplitude Google Tag Manager (GTM) Server-Side Template

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Amplitude Google Tag Manager (GTM) Server-Side Template

We are excited to announce that Simo Ahava has created a new Server-Side Amplitude GTM Template. You can find this new GTM Template in the gallery.

Some of the advantages of using this server-side template include:

  • You only have to make minimal changes to your existing website tagging. The Amplitude template running in your server-side Google Tag Manager container will handle mapping the incoming requests to the format that Amplitude expects
  • You get to choose exactly what data Amplitude receives
  • You can completely remove personal data, such as the user’s IP address before the hit is sent to Amplitude
  • With server-side tagging, you can enrich the hits in the server, pulling data from your other systems before the whole package is sent to Amplitude
  • By hosting the server-side tagging endpoint (which you 100% own) on your own subdomain, you can access first-party cookies and HTTP headers when building the Amplitude request
  • You don’t need to know anything about server-side technologies or the cloud. With this template and with the familiar Google Tag Manager user interface, you can build a server-side setup quite painlessly

See how the Amplitude GTM Server-Side Template works on the blog. 


Wow - impressive! Like a mini CDP. Wouldn’t be my typical method of implementation but I’d give it a try on a project where backend development capacity is limited. Great work!

Keep us posted on how it goes @timothy-permutable😃