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  • 13 June 2024
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I am new to Amplitude & can’t figure out a basic thing. I have integrated Amplitude with my website & I have started receiving data.

On my website, I wanted to filter our specific user ids, which I know are either my devices or people I know. So I created a new user property “Nickname” & will filter based on whether Nickname is set or not for a user id. 

The problem is that I’m unable to see this field inside the user’s details page. Where do I find & edit this field for specific users?


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5 replies

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Hi @Rajat Mukati 

Are you creating this “new user property” using the identify call or updating this via an event?

If it’s the former, then Amplitude will only show that new property after an event is received from that user. Till then you won’t be seeing that in the user lookup details.

Let me know if that helps.

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Additionally, I would recommend creating a saved user segment in your charts which filters on these known user ids/ device ids for ease of use.

For the former case, do you mean you need to send user property for any of the event? I’m asking since it’s suboptimal to change app codes to send someone’s name (in case you want to add your own nickname for each user) is there a way to change it from the amplitude UI instead? 


For the latter case, you still can’t give each individual their own nickname - but just group them into a segment. Is there a way to give user specific nickname value instead? 

Thanks a lot for the help @Saish Redkar  & sorry for the long delay.

Your solution for creating saved user segment seems to be the one for me. I had created this new user property to filter out mine & known devices from the analytics report. So creating user segment with filtering out the known ones on the basis of id should suffice for me.


Can you tell or share resources on how to create user segment which doesn’t have specific ids & and has all the remaining ids & also will continue to have future new ids?

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Hi @Rajat Mukati 

You can review this doc -