What are the exact event definition criteria for Pathfinder charts?

  • 3 February 2023
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What are the exact event definition criteria for Pathfinder charts?

(Subtitle: Pathfinder Chart vs Funnel Chart)


Hello everyone, I have a question about Pathfinder charts.


I tried drawing the same event using the Pathfinder chart and the funnel chart, but it occurred with completely different results on the two charts.


Even if I search the guide, the exact event criteria of the Pathfinder chart are not defined. Does anyone know about the event definition criteria of the Pathfinder chart?


Even if I try again and again, I get completely different results depending on the usage chart when measuring the same event. I would like to know why.


Does anyone know about this case. Any help would be great for me 


Thank you 😀


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Hi @00rladkfk00,

The way our Pathfinder chart helps calculate the total number/percentage of paths/sequences that are taken that start with, end with, or include an event that you’re querying on.  For example, in a 30 day window, I may navigate a path that includes a certain event multiple times.  Each of those multiple paths/sequences would be counted in the Pathfinder chart.  All of this is based on how you’ve instrumented your Session ID in Amplitude.

On the other hand, Funnels help calculate either the unique count of users who have gone through the funnel once or more, or the total number of times events were performed in your funnel.  Here’s more info on how we calculate funnel conversion.

If you’re trying to compare the results of Pathfinder and Funnels, you can get closer by trying to hold your Funnel constant by your Session ID.  Note however that this likely won’t be perfect, since these two chart types are inherently meant to help you answer different questions.  Discrepancies between the results are expected.

I hope this helps!