Unable to fetch new file from GCS Bucket

  • 15 April 2023
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I am new to Amplitude, I have configured a source to GCS for event data import. It imported first time when I have configured, but later whenI am pushing another files to GCP bucket with same extension and format it is not reading that file.


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7 replies

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Hi @anandraprinc welcome to the community! Happy to help troubleshoot this. First off, when importing data from a Google Cloud Storage, we have some documentation here: 
Would you be able confirm that all pre-requisites are met for this integration and also where you might be seeing the sync behavior that you've described? 
After getting a bit more information around the behavior you're experiencing, I may be able to help further.

Hello @Esther Trapadoux Thanks for your response.

I have followed the same documentation given here 

I have done all the required setup and It also picked up data first time. 

But when the new files comes to GCP Bucket , It did not picked up.

I am not understanding the configuration given here I think I might have missed something.


Awaiting your response

I am running into the same issue. I followed the storage organization requirements to the best that I could. My files are in my bucket organised as follows:


My folder is amplitude. so that is the prefix. But the data is still not getting imported.

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Hi @anandraprinc and @mukkkkkk got it, and thanks for following the steps in the documentation. It could be a matter of event mapping as well, have you also seen the Guided Converter Creation section to see if there are any steps that may have been missed during setup: 
A few more things to check otherwise:
Make sure you’ve taken care of some prerequisites.

  • Make sure you have admin permissions for your Amplitude org.
  • Make sure you have a GCS service account with the appropriate permissions. Learn more.
  • Make sure that a project exists to receive the data. If not, create a new project.
  • Make sure your GCS bucket has data files ready to be ingested. They must conform to the mappings that you outline in your converter file.
  • Make sure the data in your GCS bucket follows the format outlined in Amplitude's HTTP API v2 spec.

Thanks @Esther Trapadoux . It worked . I was doing mistake while storage organization requirements configuration. 

Thanks you so much.


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@anandraprinc YAY!!!! Glad you got it to work. 🎉

Worked for me as well. It just took a day or so for it to start working. Not sure why that was the case but I just had to wait