The impact of the merger project on Skylab

  • 23 August 2022
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Hi, Guys.

We are going to create a new project that will contain three countrys, The data should be come from different websites.

We have the following questions:
1.Do we need to create a new Deployments in Skylab for merger project?
2.In the merged project, we need to distinguish the websites of three countries, how should we set up skylab?
3.If in a merged project we only want to set abtest for my-website, how can we set it?
4.How we differentiate between countries to distribute traffic?
5.If we change the Deployments key, will the same device_id get the same version before and after the change?
6.If we update the deployments key, assuming we update the key in the latest version of the app, will this affect users of the older version?


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3 replies

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Hello @xiaomeng.zhang happy to help!

What do you mean by Skylab and merger projects? Would you be able to elaborate on the terminology, please? 


What Deployment keys are you referring to and how would that affect Device ID? Where are the Deployment keys?

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Hi, @eddie.gaona 

1.Due to business needs, we need to change the key of Deployments. We want to know if the AB version assigned by the user will be affected after changing the key.


2.We have three different websites, if we set it up like the picture below, can we differentiate experiments in different countries. What is the effect of this.

3.If we use the same Deployments key for three different websites, will there be any impact?

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This conversation was taken offline. Below is the summary.


  1. We are simply going to create a new Deployment and use that key instead. We want to know if the AB version assigned by the user will be affected after changing the key.
    • Based on some testing I did in my personal project where I have 5 deployments within 1 Experiment, I can confirm the user got assigned the same variant across all 5 deployments.
  2. I would like to know what is the effect of multiple deployments.
    • There should not be any impact in using the same Deployment key for 3 different experiments. Each experiment would have its own flag and user allocation so they would be treated uniquely. If any concern is to come up please let us know.
  3. We build multiple deployments under the same project, and each website only integrates one of the deployments. Is it possible to distinguish different websites by deployment?
    • When you create a deployment you are able to name it to anything that makes sense to you. For example, create a deployment and name it the name of the website that the deployment is meant for.