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If we switch an experiment to a flag and then back to an experiment, does the data get lost from the first experiment?


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Hi there!

When an experiment is converted to a flag, certain parameters needed for analysis are destroyed, including metrics, start/end dates, and exposure events. However, the 'results' are still stored in Amplitude in the form of all the events.

To retrieve the results, you would need to:

1. Convert the flag back to an experiment
2. Re-configure the exact exposure event, metrics, and start/end date
3. Navigate to the analyze tab, click “Open in Analytics” to make an experiment results chart.
4. Save the experiment results chart.
5. Convert the experiment back to a flag.
Please note that this process does not recover the original experiment metadata but allows you to analyze the results based on the events stored in Amplitude.

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions.


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Thank you!