How Burger King’s app reached #1

  • 15 December 2022
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"We are a burger company; that is our product. It's not a website. But to stay relevant, we have to do much more than sell Whoppers. Today more than ever, it's important for us to think about experiences people will have with the Burger King brand that will be relevant and establish a meaningful, emotional connection."  - Elie Javice, former VP of Tech and Product Management at Restaurant Brands International.


When Burger King launched its "Whopper Detour Campaign" in 2019, the fast-food giant used Amplitude to understand behavior, target its messaging, and calculate impact. 

The total sales value sold through the app increased 3x during the promotion. And that streak continued after the promotion when mobile app sales were double what they used to be. The Whopper Detour put the app on the map, making it a popular Burger King staple by building new habits and loyalty among customers. 

Building on this, Burger King used Amplitude for its BK Cafe Subscription project, leveraging the platform's behavioral targeting to engage and convert users. These efforts resulted in:

  • #1 Ranked app up from #686 
  • ↑1600% Increase in mobile purchases per day
  • ↑40x Coupon redemption rate 
  • 37:1 Return on Investment 
  • Highest foot traffic in 4.5 years

Loyalty is key to growth and retention, becoming a necessity for the end user. Now, it’s your turn. Let us know in the comments below:

  • Burger King's Mobile App strategy drove significant business results. What business impact have you been able to measure for your organization?

  • How have you taken steps to increase speed-to-loyalty through your digital experiences?

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