Distinct Property Values ​​Per User in the Event Segmentation

Hello! I’m a product analyst, studying the Amplitude for work.

I got acquainted with the documentation on the functionality, but didn’t find a detailed description and application of Distinct Property Values ​​Per User in the Event Segmentation report.

Can you explain where this functionality can be applied? And what does it mean?

I will be grateful for your help!


Best answer by Esther Trapadoux 22 May 2023, 16:58

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@Polina Mokretsova welcome, and great question! Here’s more on distinct property values and how it can be used. The documentation shows an ecommerce example. Let’s say the example is a grocery store, and within an event you have a property called “product category” (or maybe something even more specific). The distinct property value will allow you to see how many different categories that visitor is viewing (e.g. vegetables, meats, dairy, fish, beverages, etc.). This can give you an idea of whether certain types of visitors are viewing many categories and whether some are viewing only a few.

Hello! Thanks for the answer!

When I click on the link, the same page opens for me where I asked the question. May I ask you to duplicate the link?

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Hi @Polina Mokretsova 

This one could be the link Esther was referring to -