Difference between Exposure event with blue font and green font

  • 10 April 2023
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I saw that sometimes my exposure event is in blue one and sometimes it is in green font. I read that this is due to the event that is outside the session.

Can I interpret that blue exposure is for front end experiment and green exposure is for back end experiment? What conditions that make the exposure event is outside the session?




Best answer by Esther Trapadoux 16 April 2023, 16:37

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Thanks for reaching out @Novita Olivera The font colors for exposure events tracking in Amplitude are used to differentiate between different types of events or experiments and these can vary depending on your setup. If you have additional questions we can loop in our support team. cc @Esther Trapadoux 

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@Novita Olivera your interpretation is good! For more detail, every (blue) event in a session is connected by a line. The green events are out-of-session events and have session id -1. These events are normally server-side events.