API support for retrieving Project-level metadata (Usage, Limits, Volume, etc.)

Related products: Data Management

Hi there, it would be extremely helpful if we had an API to retrieve our usage and limit data that is currently displayed in Organization Settings > Projects. There isn’t a way to programmatically retrieve this data and I think an API endpoint would be a major unlock for teams to take data governance to the next level. 


Some potential use cases:

  • Unlock reporting opportunities, allowing teams to track usage data over time and pull this data into internal reporting tools (Looker, Tableau, etc.)
  • Allow teams to drive automation, i.e. trigger automations (cleanups, notifications to specific teams, etc.) when usage is at a certain percent of the limit. 

There is already an API endpoint to serve this data to the UI (https://app.amplitude.com/t/graphql/org-url/XXXXXXX?q=OrgData), it would be great if that data was made available in a customer-facing API. 

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