Add More Dashboard/Chart Customization Options

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In my situation, I am often taking screen shots of dashboards and charts to put into presentations for senior leadership review. However, I am finding the limited visualization options to be an issue for interpreting charts in this manner. 


Here are some changes I think would be very helpful, and would level Amplitude up as a data visualization tool:

-Allow segmentation charts that have a single event grouped by an event property to be displayed as a pie chart
-Allow us to show data point labels on dashboards instead of the user needing to hover over each bar in a bar chart to see the exact metric
-For funnel charts that break down the data by an event property: when sorting the breakdown table by Conversion, have the order of the bars also update to reflect this. The first item in the breakdown table should be the first bar.
-More customization for tables. Allow us to sort the columns directly on the table on the dashboard, instead of having to edit the chart. For funnel analyses that are displayed as tables, allow us to pick what data to show in the columns. I don’t want to just show conversion rate and the number of conversions. I’d like to show total number of users in step 1, number of users who move on to step 2, and what that conversion rate is. I may even want to include average time between steps in this view. Essentially, allow us to display the same info we see on the breakdown table when editing a chart on a table on a dashboard.
-When showing metrics on a chart in a dashboard, allow us to show multiple metrics at one time

Great suggestions!