Value had invalid type X% of the time

  • 28 July 2022
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Hello! Why does one Event Property with type “Any” results in such alert, while other Event Properties don’t. 


If open dropdown, I see that is suggests what type to select to get 100% views. Will fixing this via Data resolve the issue? What will happen if developers update or change properties or events in the app’s code? 


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Hi @Stas_P ,


Thanks for the other data question! Happy to help :) 

It would look like the the event property got an invalid property type in the last hour at the time of the screenshot. I would look into your implementation and ensure the event is always being sent the right data type for that property. If you update the event in a data and merge into the main branch and the developers pull the main tracking plan and verify it, they can see whether or not the tracking plan is updated. I would just ensure your implementation is correct and no unexpected event types are coming in. Thanks!


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