HTTP API V2 with event_type = "$identify"

  • 1 December 2022
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Hi all! I want to update userProperties without sending any event. As I see in documentation, there are one described way: use Identify API. But I’ve forked Postman Collection and saw, that I can update user properties via HTTP API V2 (see image below) with event_type = “$identify”. Is it the same way as Identify API? And whether the userProperties update in this way will be add to your monthly event count in Amplitude or not? Are there any subscription restrictions if you update in this way?

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Hi @artyompoteshkin -- there’s no difference between an Identify API call & an HTTP API V2 call that uses event_type = “$identify”. Both do not count towards your monthly event volume limit. The HTTP API V2 version may be useful because you can send batches of events + identifies to the same endpoint. For example: if you had [e1, e2, i1, e3], you could just send all 4 to HTTP API V2. Whereas if you used the Identify API, you would first have to send [e1, e2] to HTTP API V2, then [i1] to Identify API, and lastly [e3] to HTTP API V2. Both calls will update user property values. Does this answer your question?

Hi, @jmagg, thank you for you answer!