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  • 29 June 2021
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Hi - I can only see 1 available destination for my events data?

How do I get the other ones to show?



I want to pass this data to another database so I can easily access it. If anyone has another solution to accessing Events data, let me know.




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3 replies

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@dennyv hey, thanks for reaching out! Do you by any chance have either admin or manager access in your org? If not that could be the reason why you are not seeing the list of destinations. Would you be so kind as to check with an admin from your org and ask if they are seeing the same thing as you do?


@dennyv and @daniel.balan - I’m seeing the same issue… What’s especially odd is that I was able to see and set up a Snowflake destination the other day (and it’s syncing correctly), but now no longer see it in my destinations list so can’t manage it!

I’m an admin of my space:



I believe the issue is that I’m not on a paid plan, which seems required for this Snowflake (and other) data destinations. That’s reasonable to me.

What’s odd is that I was able to add the Snowflake destination in the first place - perhaps a bug that has since been resolved? Regardless, I don’t think this issue is a “problem” after all.