Revenue Events Not Being Logged Consistently in Amplitude

  • 5 June 2023
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We are using the Python SDK for revenue tracking purposes. We are currently tracking default revenue event provided by Amplitude in two of our environments : dev and staging. The events are sent by our backend application running in AWS Lambda execution environment.

The problem we are facing is that in each environment, the first few revenue events were logged in amplitude, sporadically, but successfully. Later, the revenue tracking just stops working; no new events are logged in amplitude. They don’t show up in User look-up (PFA 3rd image), and neither does the invocation count of the revenue event increase in the Event detail page (PFA 2nd image). Though sometimes, the invocation is shown in Ingestion Debugger under Sources as a successful request. We are passing all the required attributes, doing everything suggested in the SDK docs, and have added info logs to ensure that the events are successfully sent from our end.

Any help / guidance would be highly appreciated.

Revenue event provided by Amplitude accessed from Tracking Plan
Only 4 invocations were logged as can be seen in the “30 Day Volume” field. Rest of the event invocations are ignored
New revenue events not tracked in user look up tab


1 reply

We are facing the same issue. Did you figure out what the problem was @Harris Irfan? Many thanks