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  • 20 April 2021
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Does Amplitude publish any informal release notes of changes that are being made to the product?  I seem to discover some (quite good) changes rather organically and it’d be great to just see what’s changing on a weekly or at least monthly basis so that I can take advantage of some of the new stuff.  The blog used to publish monthly release notes but that seemed to have stopped sometime last fall.


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Hey @cwhooten ,

You are right.  It seems like Amplitude stopped their Release Notes blog posts since September 2020. Even I have been discovering some pretty cool changes on my own sometimes. 

They have made the Release Notes a part of the Amplitude Product Updates Team Space in their Demo instance wherein every month’s update is a notebook in itself ( pretty neat imo).

Not sure if this is the only place where we can track new releases now.

Hope this helps!

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@Saish Redkar is pointing you to the great place to track our new releases! You can also subscribe to that section more details here.




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Hey all - we’ve also set up Product Updates in the community. We’re still discussing internally the long-term plan for these but we’d love your feedback if you find it helpful!