How to use Location (Latitude & Longitude) for reporting in Amplitude ?

  • 23 May 2023
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We have the Android SDK in a App, where we ask for Exact permission for tracking.
We set locationListening = true
So now we have the Latitude & Longitude, for every single event down to meters. 
But what then ? How can we best use this inside the Ampltude platform ?

I can’t find a single Analytics report prebuild to use this input. I would expect a simple map, or heatmap.
The intended case was to see where in our Country the main App users are located.
Any ideas, ore are intended to forward/export the data to use it ? 


Best answer by Saish Redkar 23 May 2023, 19:41

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5 replies

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Hey @Rune Andersen 

IMO, the lat long values are practically useless for charting purposes. In few cases, they can be used for geo identification in absence of IP address, but nothing more than that.
I had submitted a feature request quite a few years ago for a map visualization which uses geo location properties for the exact same use case as you mentioned. But never heard back on that.

Maybe we can get some traction by submitting this in the Ideas section -

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Thanks @Saish Redkar 

Then it not just me that can’t find a hidden “Map report”.

I would still like to hear Amplitudes take on this. Seems strange to have a feature in a SDK, and predefined properties in the UI, but no way to use the data. (in Ampltitude)

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@Rune Andersen @Saish Redkar thanks for this. I searched through our internal docs to see where this might be on the roadmap (if at all) and didn’t come up with much. I’ve asked someone from the Product team to weigh in here!

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@Rune Andersen 

They got close here -  utilizing the location properties in the “Realtime Users By Location” view in their revamped home page UI.

But I think that’s a view only artifact for now.

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Thanks @Saish Redkar 
Looking at my new dashboard, it seems really basic, and it does not say if this use the Latitude & Longitude, or is just a simple IP-lookup . As example Denmark is a weird looking figure. And i can’t zoom into the regions.

For the client i work with, we need a much more detailed map. This one above is of no value.
@Esther Trapadoux any chance this new chart is step one towards more focus on using the Latitude & Longitude data already collected. ?