Event count in graphs and user stream do not match

  • 6 May 2021
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Hi all,

I realized we get different numbers in the graphs which have a group by “user_property”.

Look at this - Count 1 (for the last 12 months):


However in the user stream we see 3 events:

And also in the user_lookup:



What is happening here? 

Data is several hours old so caching should not be the issue?

Please advice!!

Thank you



Best answer by lukeamp 6 May 2021, 09:17

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1 reply

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Original Answer from @Saish Redkar 

Hey @lukeamp .
You will have to choose the subject from the dropdown list in the “Sub Forum” section as part of creating a new topic as shown here. 


W.r.t your question regarding event counts, I see that you have selected Uniques” in your event segmentation chart. In this case, the user_1109 will be shown as just a single unique user with a count 1. However, when you select “Event Totals”  you should be able to see a count of 3 , which is the total number of events performed by user_1109.


Let me know if I have interpreted your question correctly.

Hope this helps!