Creating a funnel for disableCookies users with redirect

Hi everyone!
I’m trying to create a funnel of events while there is a redirect in the flow. Im experiencing a big drop probably because users don’t acces cookies and we are running with the disableCookies option.
Specifically, the redirect happens after user registration.
What are my options to keep track of users, regardless of saving cookies?

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I reading that, when working with disable cookies, there is a fallback to local storage. However, users are not recognized after the redirect.
Any thoughts?

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@Alon Yehezkel ah, interesting question. Without having more detail on the exact flow, there are two options you may want to try:

  1. Cross domain tracking as mentioned here
  2. Pass the URL parameter. This way the event will be mapped into the same deviceId. Then it will be mapped into the same user in amplitude. You can read more about it here

Do either of those solutions fit your use case?

Hi @Esther Trapadoux, Thank you for your response.
Let me describe the exact flow, as I don’t think it’s a special case and the whole funnel happens in the same domain.

The user navigates thought the flow while one of the pages is a registration form. Because we are using a 3rd party to manage accounts, the user registration requires redirect. The redirect back happens to the exact url within the same domain. When the user redirects back, and is authenticated, we identify him by the user id which we didn’t do before the redirect as he was not authenticated.

My question is, if the user was identified without cookies, and was redirected back, still without cookies but with user id, will he be connected to the same entity?
We clearly see that users that accepted cookies are connected and users who didn’t are not.

About the local storage fallback, the redirect back is to the same url so the local storage entry should be accessible. In that case, am I missing some configuration?

Thank you!