Can we backfill funnels in Amplitude?

  • 10 April 2021
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Suppose I want to analyze the funnel between Event A → Event B → Event C

Sometimes, because of eventing issues or missing eventing, some users are able to get to Event C without doing Event B. In those cases, would it be possible to backfill on Event B, where we say “If a user has done Event A and Event C, assume they have also done Event B even if it is not present).


In many cases, users are allowed to skip steps in the funnel, so I wanted to check if Amplitude has a way of incorporating that.


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Hi @jj41 ! Currently, funnel charts do not have an “optional event” feature. If you’d like to still include users who did not perform Event B as long as they performed Event C, the most direct way to see this would be to remove Event B from your funnel analysis. You could then compare the two versions of the chart to see the difference in users. 

If it is the case that the event was missing and you’re able to backfill the event itself, then that would be another alternative for keeping Event B in the funnel. If backfilling the event, make sure the timestamp of the event falls between Event A and Event C to analyze with a “this order” funnel. 

That said, happy to submit a feature request to handle the “optional event” use case. Would you feel comfortable sharing some more details around why the event is optional and the purpose of including it in your analysis? Thanks!