Ability to toggle between user cohorts on a shared chart

  • 10 November 2021
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Hello, I am curious if there is a way to provide the ability for external users that have “view-only” access to dashboards to toggle between different cohorts on given charts (i.g conversion).

I aware that I am able to set up these group by statements on my end or maybe even create the charts needed. However, I am more interested in a way to empower our customers to be able to select/unselect the different cohorts on a given chart. 


Let me know if you need more information or clarifications. 


Best answer by Saish Redkar 11 November 2021, 03:21

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I am thinking some sort of a drop down menu that shows a select number of cohort groups. The customer can check one or many and be able to compare and isolate users as needed. I just like the idea of empowering the customer, rather than having them come back to me every time they want to compare/isolate different cohorts for a given chart. 

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Hey @aalqaroot 

Are you specifically asking about sharing public charts/dashboards to external users i.e. users who don’t have an Amplitude account? If yes, then by nature of design, those users can only view charts in those public dashboards and not edit it.

If the users are already in Amplitude, then they should be able to edit a chart based on the permissions and roles as described in here.

Hope this helps.


Hi Saish! yup I am thinking of the publicly shared dashboards/charts and providing a limited interactive view of charts. It looks like it’s not something we can do. I am curious if that would be something the Amplitude team would consider as a useful feature in the future. Either way, I am new here so I am still exploring and learning more about the product and the vision. Exciting stuff! :grin:

Thanks for your help and clarifications. 

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Sure. You can submit your feature/idea request here if you find value in it. 
Happy to help out in your journey of exploring Amplitude :grinning: