October Product Release Highlights

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October Product Release Highlights

New features make Amplitude more accessible, powerful than ever before

Amplitude is the only platform that guides you to trusted data, clearer insights, and faster action so you can uncover the customer behaviors that drive real growth. 

Each month, we set out to make our tools more powerful for you and your team, and October was no exception. With our latest batch of feature releases, we’ve made Amplitude more accessible for companies of all sizes, and users of all experience levels. Highlights include new pricing options, customized experiences, partner-led integrations, and more.

Updates are available to all Amplitude customers including the EU Data Center, unless stated otherwise.


New Analytics releases

  • Amplitude Plus now available to all customers
  • Get faster insights with Progressive Disclosure
  • URL pathing now available in Journeys
  • Customize, personalize your default homepage
  • Improve collaboration with shareable Journey Charts [Beta]
  • Notion integration now available for EUDC

New Data & CDP releases

  • Retrieve sync history with Behavioral Cohort API
  • Braze and Iterable Streaming Destination Updates [Beta]
  • Enhanced User Forwarding now available for Event Streaming [Beta]
  • Partner-led destinations now available for EU
  • Request login access with Magic Links

New Experiment releases

  • Get client-side local evaluation support for Experiment SDKs 
  • Find Experiments faster with recently viewed flags
  • Copy Flags and Experiments across projects



New Analytics releases

Functionality, collaboration, personalization improvements

Get clearer insights into what drives customer behavior. Amplitude Analytics gives you self-serve access to helpful information across the customer journey.


Amplitude Plus now available to all customers


Last month we proudly introduced Amplitude Plus, our meticulously designed self-serve offering. Bridging the worlds of Analytics, Feature Management, and CDP — Amplitude Plus offers one scalable analytics platform with everything you need to grow for just $49/month. With Plus, we're addressing the ever-present demand for comprehensive data access and empowering our users to unlock Amplitude's potential without stretching their budgets. 

This self-serve offering is a testament to Amplitude's commitment to adapting and catering to the evolving market demands and is available to all customers via the in-product pricing page. 

Get faster insights with Progressive Disclosure


Starter Templates just got better! Now, users can get to insights even faster with charts that unlock as soon as the required fields are completed. Each locked chart has a message that lets you know which fields are required, while hovering highlights them in the sidebar. Bonus points? If a customer is using the browser SDK, Amplitude can autofill common events/properties like ‘Page View’ to get started even faster.

Access Progressive Disclosures via Starter Templates in Amplitude Analytics..

URL pathing now available in Journeys via properties

If you wrestled with earlier versions of the Customer Journey Chart – this one’s for you. Previously, some customers struggled with competing property values under the same event type or property. To help improve your experience with our Pathfinder view in Journeys, we’ve enabled property pathing in the Pathfinder view of the Customer Journey Chart. This update makes it easier for teams to understand the journey that customers take on your website or in-product.

Access URL Pathing feature in the Journeys Chart by selecting the properties tab in your event dropdown

Customize, personalize your default homepage via the properties dropdown


After launching the Amplitude homepage over the summer, we learned that customers wanted more control over what their default homepage looked like. This month, we’re excited to announce that admins or managers of a project can set project-specific defaults so their new and existing users can see relevant, curated charts on their homepage. It's a useful tool for admins and managers who want to personalize their end-user's experience in the product.

Start customizing your homepage via the Amplitude homepage.

Improve collaboration with shareable Journey Charts [Beta]


Sharing charts just got easier! This month, we're excited to announce that all Journeys charts are now available via public links, exports, and slack unfurls. Dashboards and notebooks also support pathfinder and journey map visualizations for richer collaboration and insights!

Accessible this feature in Beta via public links or Dashboards and notebooks.

Notion integration now available for EUDC


Notion users, this one’s for you! Last year, we introduced a new integration with Notion that allows Amplitude customers to easily bring charts and data into existing workflows in Notion, simply by pasting a link. This month, we're excited to share that our Notion Integration now includes full unfurling for customers in your EU Datacenter!

Users can now access this feature within Notion docs.


New Data releases
Data enhancements for streaming, accessibility, recovery

Get trusted data to power insight about your product. Amplitude Data helps you proactively manage and govern your data.


Retrieve sync history with Behavioral Cohort API

Ready to turn back time? The Behavioral Cohorts API allows users to list all of their cohorts in Amplitude, export a cohort in, or upload a cohort. And for those organizations that may need to retrieve sync history for audits or other purposes, the Behavioral Cohort API can now retrieve all cohort data from previous syncs.

This feature is available to customers that have access to the Cohort API. 

Learn more about the Behavioral Cohorts API.

Braze and Iterable Streaming Destination Updates [Beta]

Organizations now have the ability to forward properties in the same data type format as received through their ingestion pipeline. By maintaining the data type, users can now expand how they use mathematical operators such as ‘less than’ or ‘greater than’ in their marketing campaigns. 

The new feature is available to users who create a new Event Streaming destination, or users with an existing event streaming destination. For users with existing event streaming destinations, we recommend opening your existing sync and clicking “save".

Enhanced User Forwarding now available for Event Streaming [Beta]

We're enhancing Amplitude's event streaming integration with user forwarding to minimize unnecessary updates in downstream event streaming destinations.

This update helps avoid redundant data transmission for the chosen properties, as well as surges in API calls to partners (which can incur extra costs for customers.) Only chosen properties will be synched to the event streaming destinations if one of those selected properties is updated, which will optimize integration and eliminate wasteful calls. 

As this feature is currently opt-in only, please reach out to the CDP team if interested. Then access the feature via  Data -> Catalog -> Destinations -> Event Streaming

Learn more about Event Streaming.

Partner-led destinations now available for EU

Amplitude CDP is thrilled to announce the availability of all partner-led cohort sync and event streaming destinations in EUDC. This update includes the following:

  • Cohort sync destinations: Insider, Cordial, Infobip, Maze, Userflow, CleverTap, WebEngage, Talon.One, 1Flow, Userlist, SleekFlow,, and 
  • Event streaming destinations: Plotline, Extole, Lantern, Clevertap, Toplyne, AppFit, MovableInk, Userlist, Bento, and Pushwoosh. 

Please note: This does not mean that these destinations have EUDCs or endpoints. Customers should check the documentation for their desired integration to check if an EU endpoint is available (or learn more about Partner-led Integrations.)

All EU users with access to event streaming or cohort syncs can access the respective destinations.


Request login access with Magic Links

Forgot your org url for login? No problem! With Magic Links, users can request a link in their email to login directly to their account without needing to enter their org URL or password. Whether you’re a new user or simply forgot your login credentials, we’ve got you covered!

Access this feature on the login page.



New Experiment releases
Run experiments faster, with more confidence

Drive faster action from crystal clear test results. Amplitude Experiment helps you test, analyze, and optimize your product experiences at scale.

Get client-side local evaluation support for Experiment SDKs 

We're adding support for native client-side local evaluation across all client-side Experiment SDKs (Android, iOS, React-Native). Customers can now create local evaluation flags and experiments, add client deployments, and evaluate users locally in their applications providing developers more flexibility for implementation. 

Learn more about Android SDK Documentation, iOS SDK Documentation, and React Native Documentation.


Find Experiments faster with recently viewed flags


This latest update improves the visibility of Experiments by displaying recently viewed flags and experiments in the Last Viewed dropdown and Recent Views page. No more searching for your recent work or hunting down your latest experiment. Just easy access, every time.

Access this feature under the Last Viewed dropdown and Recent Views page.


Copy Flags and Experiments across projects

This month, we improved the user experience for copying flags and experiments across projects by allowing users to copy to multiple projects at once. Even if there are pre-existing flags or experiments in the target project with the same flag key, this update now allows you to overwrite the existing flag with ease.

Access this feature from the ‘More’ menu in the top right window within Experiment.



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