New Campaign Reporting, Metrics, and Tables (Beta)

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Product-led companies want to collaborate around a shared understanding of the digital customer journey—from a customer’s first touchpoint to a user’s recurring interactions with your digital products. This is what drives outcomes for your business. Today product, marketing, engineering, design and analytics teams are coming together to use data to prove impact and tailor experiences. That’s why we’re announcing several new features to Amplitude Analytics— Campaign Reporting, Metrics and Data Tables. These new tools help you quickly turn data into insights and deliver faster outcomes for your business, and with visibility into the full customer journey.

Campaign Reporting, Metrics, and Tables reporting will be available in beta to customers in the next few months. Keep an eye out and learn more on the Amplitude blog!

Hey, can you say when those features will be out of beta? :) 

And what plans support those?



Great to connect @Willi 😀 Our new digital analytics features will be available in beta to Amplitude Analytics growth and enterprise customers in the coming months. If you’re interested in learning more, schedule a demo or reach out to your success manager. We’re excited about your interest!