New and Improved Spaces for Teams

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New and Improved Spaces for Teams

Some of the most valuable analyses in Amplitude are the result of collaborations among teammates. Spaces help product teams subscribe to and organize analyses shared in Amplitude. Today we're introducing a brand new organization system for your charts, dashboards, notebooks, and cohorts! The goal of this release is to help you and your team more easily discover and organize relevant content in Amplitude.

Below are some key changes and improvements you will start to see in your Spaces

  • Folders are a convenient way to group related content together in a single, easily-viewable spot. You can now create folders and subfolders within your team spaces and personal workspace to better organize your analyses and make it easier for your teammates to find them.
  • Content can only be saved to one location, but you can create "shortcuts" to that content in other spaces. A shortcut is a way to add content to multiple spaces and folders. Anyone can create a shortcut to a piece of content, but only an owner of the original content can move the original to a new space.
  • The previous "My Workspace" feature has been renamed to "Home" and we have a new personal space labeled with your first and last name, where you can save your personal content and organize it into folders. This space is meant just for you to organize your own content. You can find this space under "Starred Spaces" in the left navigation.
  • Every saved piece of content now must live in a space. By default, content is saved into your own personal workspace. You can also choose to move them into a shared space.
  • We've improved search and filtering capabilities within a Space and added a brand new table format to more easily browse and find content you might be looking for.
  • Within our new table view in spaces, you can now also perform bulk actions including bulk archival and bulk move objects to speed up organization in in your spaces.

For more information on the latest updates to spaces, please check out our help guide.

I like the new table view - sorting is nice!

I can’t say that these changes are transformative for me - my clients rarely have more than a handful of spaces - but I find the structure logical and it’s neater to have a personal space. I’m sure bigger companies will love the folders though.

One point of feedback: often my clients get confused between spaces and dashboards to begin with when using Amplitude - they save charts to a space and think that is a dashboard.