New Amplitude + Notion Integration

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New Amplitude + Notion Integration

Notion is an all-in-one workspace that combines essential work tools like notes, docs, wikis, and project management into one collaborative and customizable place. Teams across any company – including product, engineering, marketing, and sales – use Notion to collaborate on user research, feature releases, experimentation, and more. Today we're introducing a new integration with Notion that allows Amplitude customers to easily bring Amplitude charts and data into existing workflows in Notion, simply by pasting a link into Notion.


This enriches the conversations around projects in Notion like A/B test plans, or feature release reviews, by bringing data to the forefront of the conversation. You can learn more about our new integration with Notion here.

Love the /Amplitude command integration🔥

Any plans in future to make the chart interactive by enabling only the date range and interval control within the embed?

Thank you for this question @Saish Redkar. Please post this to our product ideas forum for the team to consider. Here’s more information:

Thanks for your contributions! 

Maybe just me but when I pasted a chart link with a “notebook” as part of the URL, it seemed to hang.  A straight up chart without the notebook reference seemed to work okay. Otherwise, I like how it expanded the chart legend in the preview.  Will these previews auto update, and if so, how often?