January Product Release Highlights

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January Product Release Highlights

January Product Release Highlights

New platform updates make Amplitude easier than ever to get started


Amplitude helps you see everything customers do, understand what drives growth, and build better digital products – all in one easy-to-use Digital Analytics Platform.

We just announced a whole bunch of new updates to our platform here, including a preview of what's coming soon.

Additionally, with our latest batch of feature releases, we now offer new qualitative insights and updates to our CDP and platform, making it easier than ever to get started! Highlights include Session Replay, Data Warehouse Setup, CSV import, Admin Billing and more!

⭐️ Updates are available on all plans and to all Amplitude customers – including the EU Data Center– unless stated otherwise. 



New Analytics releases

  • Session Replay is now generally available!

New Data & CDP releases

  • Enjoy Derived Property improvements
  • “Cohorts & Audiences” is now called “Audiences”
  • Email identifier support for Braze Event Streaming
  • Surface and validate errors during Data Warehouse Setup
  • Upload CSV events with ease

Additional Platform Releases

  • Monitor asset usage with Admin Billing Page tBeta] 
  • Enjoy new side navigation within Team Spaces
  • Log in faster with Google sign-in


New Analytics releases
Simplify your analytics stack, give product teams more confidence

Get clearer insights into what drives customer behavior. Amplitude Analytics gives you self-serve access to critical insights across the full customer journey.


Session Replay is now generally available!

We're excited to announce that Session Replay is now generally available to customers!

Combined with best-in-class product analytics, Session Replay consolidates your product and experience analytics stack into one platform. Benefits include:

  • A deeper understanding of the “why” behind user behavior
  • A more accurate picture of what customers are doing in-product
  • Replays that are tied to user events that you care about 
  • Lower costs from consolidating your analytics stack

Starting now, Amplitude customers can launch a session replay from a user’s event stream, inside a chart, from the homepage, or from the Session Replay search. 

To get started with Session Replay, you can use either:

  • The Session Replay Browser SDK Plugin that comes with Amplitude's Browser SDK, or
  • The Session Replay Standalone SDK (if you instrumented your web app with third-party tools)

We will also be introducing mobile app support in the coming months. For help with instrumenting, check out our Help Center, Developer Center, and Amplitude Academy for more information.

⭐️ Availability: Session Replay is available to try on all our new plans as of 2/7/2024 (including our Starter and Plus updates from Oct ‘23 ). Existing Growth and Enterprise customers can also access Session Replay as an add-on purchase. Reach out to your account manager with questions.

Learn more about Session Replay from Amplitude. 


New Data releases
Usability improvements for speed, accuracy

Get trusted data to power insight about your product. Amplitude helps you proactively manage and govern your data.


Enjoy text-based Derived Properties

As of this month, users now have a more streamlined experience creating and editing derived properties. The new editor experience is larger, completely text based, and better supports copy/paste, undo/redo, and other text editing functionality. Bonus points? Derived properties can also be hidden.

Access this feature when viewing, creating, and editing derived properties in Data.

Learn more about Derived Properties.


“Cohorts & Audiences” is now called “Audiences”


Ch-ch-changes! We’re excited to announce the renaming of the “Cohorts & Audiences” GEM to “Audiences.” This update streamlines the Amplitude platform, delivers a user-centric experience, and sets the foundation for Audiences to become the central hub for managing profiles, segments, predictions, and recommendations.

Learn more about Audiences in Amplitude.


Email identifier support for Braze Event Streaming

CDP users, rejoice! This month we continued to improve our Braze integration by introducing support for email as an identifier for the Braze event streaming destination. 

This change empowers users to stream events to Braze using only an email address (rather than typical Braze IDs such as External ID or User Alias). Additionally, Braze provides a Merge User API for merging users programatically, offering more flexibility and control.

Learn more about User profiles and Merging Users.


Surface and validate errors during Data Warehouse Setup


In January, Amplitude introduced error surfacing and validation in our Data Warehouse/Cloud Storage setup flows. 

Users can now see detailed error messages and trust in even more powerful validation to prevent mistakes during setup. With this detailed information, users can fix any issues self-service, without the need to engage support for assistance.

Access this feature from the Data Warehouse/Cloud Storage import and export setup flows.


Upload CSV events with ease


January saw improvements to the overall experience of uploading events to Amplitude with a CSV file. These updates offer more clarity around the expected data format by adding sample CSV file visualizations, as well as a pre-ingestion data validation step where errors and offending rows are communicated back to users to provide feedback on data quality and ingestibility.

Lastly, we’ve restructured the CSV file column mapping form to provide a more intuitive experience in completing this critical step.

Learn more about .CSV import and export.


Additional Platform Releases
Features for admins, new users, and more

Monitor asset usage with Admin Billing Page oBeta] 


This month, we created a new, one-stop shop for customers to view their quota and asset usage. The new Admin Billing Page provides a centralized solution to view usage across the platform, including:

  • Event and/or MTU volume during your contract period
  • Asset usage (like Active Syncs and Feature Flags enabled)
  • And more!

Admins can access this feature by clicking on Plans & Billing within the Organization Settings section of Amplitude.

Learn more about Monthly Tracked Users and billing in Amplitude.


Log in faster with Google sign-in


Ready for a simpler login experience? This month we’ve added a Google Sign-in button to Amplitude’s login and signup pages. For organizations that don’t require SSO to log in, users can now use their Google accounts to sign up, rather than creating a new account specifically for Amplitude. Easy as pie!

Enjoy new side navigation within Team Spaces


Team Spaces just got better! With our latest update, Amplitude’s improved how teams navigate and explore content within a space. The new side navigation enables users to quickly understand what folders they have, as well as click in and out of folders with ease.

To access the new navigation, simply look to the left side of the screen in any Amplitude Space.

Learn more about Team Spaces.



You’re all caught up! Here’s what’s next…

All awesome improvements!

Can we next get CSV import/export for Group Properties also please?

Did this update really include limiting a user’s displayed event trail to 25 events? We rely on this data, how do see this data trail again?

False alarm lol, my bad.  Little ui bug while watching live data during some testing.   It appears to be working as normal. 

Thanks @michael.kuhl ! I’ll pass on your request to the team. Also feel free to submit a product idea here.



Fantastic news! eager to explore the latest upgrades. We appreciate you keeping us informed! 



Nisha Marshall

Lansum Elena