January Product Release Highlights

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January Product Release Highlights

Powerful enhancements to help you grow in 2023

Start the year strong with our latest product releases. New collaboration capabilities and improved experiences help you work more effectively. Plus, we’ve added several integrations so your team can collect and analyze data from more sources.

Updates are available to all Amplitude customers and in the EU Data Center unless stated otherwise.



New Analytics releases

  • Monthly tracked user (MTU) pricing model

  • Pivot view in Data Tables

  • General availability of rich text editing in Notebooks

  • Updated dashboards grid experience

  • Save chart modal

  • Edit access for Team Spaces [Beta]

  • Public links in Data Tables, Notebooks, and dashboards

  • Custom Events in Pathfinder

New Data releases

  • New partner Integrations [Beta]

  • New Portfolio experience

  • Support for multiple environments

  • Source Configuration updates

New Experimentation releases

  • Summary cards



New Analytics releases

Experience enhancements for your whole team


Get unlimited events up to 1 million monthly tracked users (MTUs)

We’ve introduced an MTU model across our subscription plans. We shifted from event-based pricing because we found it wasn’t ideal for customers earlier in their analytics journey. Customers who grow past 1 million MTUs can switch to an event-based plan or a more customized MTU model.

If you’re on an MTU plan, you can view usage statistics by navigating to General under the Organizational settings menu. MTU metrics will be visible in their own panel.

Learn more about our new pricing model.


Create customized reports with the new pivot view in Data Tables

It’s easier than ever to do multi-dimensional analysis in Data Tables. With the new pivot view, you can flip rows and columns to meet specific reporting needs and export to share.

Access the pivot view by selecting Rows from the Columns dropdown. This will flip the axes.

This release is only available to Plus, Growth, and Enterprise customers.

Learn more about multi-dimensional analysis in Data Tables.


Rich text editing in Notebooks is generally available

The highly-requested new formatting toolbar in Notebooks is now available to all Amplitude customers. The rich text editor expands your formatting options and helps you save time with common keyboard shortcuts and markdown inputs.


Edit dashboards more easily with the updated user experience

We’ve overhauled the dashboard grid system so you can make edits in fewer clicks. No longer hidden within menus, the new experience includes draggable resizing and the ability to move charts to clear drop points.

Access grid content directly within a dashboard in Analytics.


Create a new report from the save chart modal

It used to be that, when saving a chart, you could only add it to existing dashboards and Notebooks. Now you can create new reports in the same modal you used to save the chart.

Access this update from the Add to Report dropdown in the Save modal on a chart.


Collaborate more effectively with edit access for Team Spaces [Beta]

We’re releasing Spaces edit access so teams can co-create and maintain analyses across charts, dashboards, Notebooks, and cohorts. This update keeps access issues from slowing down collaboration in situations like:

  • Scaling object ownership to new teams or individuals
  • Providing an existing team with access to multiple objects
  • Maintaining edit access to objects owned by former team members

You determine whether team members can view, add, or edit all objects within a space. You’ll also see new disclosure badges on content when attempting to move charts into a space.

Beta customers can access this update from the Share button within Team Spaces.

These updates are not currently available in the EU Data Center.

 Learn more about Amplitude Spaces.


Use new public links to make analyses and reporting available to anyone

You can now make your published Data Tables, Notebooks, and dashboards viewable to anyone outside your organization–without special permissions or requiring them to log in.

Access this update from the Share button at the top right corner of your Data Tables, Notebooks, and dashboards.

This release is only available to Plus, Growth, and Enterprise customers.


Better understand customer journeys with Custom Events in Pathfinder

Get greater control over how your custom events are grouped for easier analysis. View custom events at every step of your customer’s journey in Pathfinder.

Analytics users can enable Custom Events from the Filter Events dropdown in a Pathfinder chart.

Learn more about Custom Events in Pathfinder.



New Data releases

A slew of new integrations, improved support


Enjoy integrations with Sprig, Insider, Maze, Extole, Kameleoon, and Toplyne [Beta]

Access all integrations from Data Sources within the Catalog section of Amplitude Data.

These updates are not currently available in the EU Data Center.

  • Import Sprig Events - Sprig users can now push survey data directly into Amplitude when creating charts and cohorts to better understand the relationship between customer satisfaction and product usage. Learn more about importing Sprig Events.
  • Import Insider Events - Insider users can now send data like email opens or SMS clicks directly into Amplitude to create charts and cohorts. Learn more about importing Insider Events.
  • Maze Cohort Sync - Maze users can now create more personalized campaigns by sending custom audiences from Amplitude directly into the platform. This release is only available to paid customers. Learn more about the Maze Cohort Sync.
  • Extole Event Streaming - Extole users can now enhance their campaigns with Amplitude events and view them in real time with Extole’s Event Live View. Once connected, Amplitude events can be used to trigger emails, fulfill rewards, create audiences, and track user activity within the Extole platform. Learn more about Extole Event Streaming.
  • Kameleoon Event Streaming - Kameleoon users can now leverage real-time Amplitude events to supercharge campaigns, enhance targeting, and re-implement Amplitude tracking plans within the Kameleoon platform. Learn more about Kameleoon Event Streaming.
  • Toplyne Event Streaming - Toplyne users can now identify opportunities for free-to-paid conversion and enterprise expansion in their existing GTM tools. They can also engage with and nurture accounts to take them to the next step of product adoption. Learn more about Toplyne Event Streaming.


Get instant access to the new Portfolio experience

Amplitude Data now supports Portfolio projects. We’ve rebuilt the taxonomy and made several other highly-requested improvements, including:

  • Passing event and property metadata from source projects to the Portfolio automatically (while still allowing customizations when necessary)
  • Providing faster performance for large Portfolio projects

Any Data customers with the Portfolio add-on get immediate access to the new experience when they open a Portfolio project.

Optimize your workspace with support for multiple environments

You can now add, rename, and reorder up to five environments in a workspace to design a setup in Data that matches your release workflow. Previously, you could only have “Production” and “Development” environments.

Access this update in the Environment Settings page in Data.


Speed your tracking process with updated Source Configuration

We’ve updated the Source creation and configuration process for Data Governors. These updates make it easier to quickly create Sources and start using them in planning without needing to determine technical implementation details ahead of time.

We used to require Data Governors to select a programming language and SDK version for source creation. Now they only need to name a Source in the Data to use it in a tracking plan. 

This release also includes significant documentation updates, including new quickstarts for all Ampli SDKs in the Dev Center and improved in-app implementation instructions in Source settings.

Access these updates from the Catalog page in the Connections section of the Data sidebar.

Learn more about Source Configuration and the Implementation page.



New Experimentation releases

Understand and share Experiment learnings quickly with Summary cards


We added two new Summary cards to the homepage so you can see at-a-glance which experiments are complete or need your attention. The cards also provide a high-level view of your team’s experiment velocity.



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