Introducing Starter Dashboard Templates

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Introducing Starter Dashboard Templates


To help product teams take the guesswork out of identifying and tracking metrics, we're giving you a set of out-of-the-box dashboard reports to answer your most important questions around Conversion, Adoption, Engagement, and User Activity. With just a few clicks you can spin up a dedicated dashboard with curated charts for your business that can be saved and customized alongside other reports in Amplitude.

Do you have team members new to product analytics? Starter Templates are a great tool to help your team onboard quickly and make the most out of their onboarding experience.

Maybe you're a power user in Amplitude looking for a quick shortcut. Use Starter Templates to quickly spin up a report that is relevant to you and customize it with dashboard filters, compare segments or use them to build cohorts for deeper insights. Whatever your reporting workflow looks like, Starter templates have you covered!


Be sure to also check out Amplitude Academy for more resources to help you get started!

These are really good! Definitely helps get over the initial hurdle of setting up your first charts. Also introduces quite a few chart types / options that might otherwise not get discovered.