Introducing Experiment Results

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Introducing Experiment Results

We are so excited to share a new capability as part of Amplitude Experiment called Results. 

As you know today, Experiment requires you to use our feature flag infrastructure to take full advantage of our experimentation planning, tracking, and analysis capabilities. However, we’ve learned from many of you that replacing your existing feature flags is not an option.

While we’d love for you to use our excellent feature flagging capabilities, we no longer want to make that a requirement. After all, we’re really in the business of helping you make incredible data-driven product decisions.

With Experiment Results, now customers can get all the power of our incredible experimentation platform while keeping their feature flags. 

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Getting started is easy! As long as we have user data, exposure events, and the metrics you want to impact all instrumented and brought into Amplitude, you can start analyzing your experiments right away. 

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Now Experiment Results helps customers get started with experimentation or scale their existing process with self-service tools for product teams. 

Either way, you bring the A/B data, and we’ll bring the rest. 


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