Introducing Dashboard Templates

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Introducing Dashboard Templates

Amplitude is launching new Dashboard Templates. Our goal is to make creating and leveraging templates a seamless experience for everyone using Amplitude.

Dashboard Templates can be used to speed up reporting on the most common workflows used by teams within your organization. You can use dashboard templates to quickly analyze new product launches, evaluate different experiments across critical metrics, and spin up customer health analysis for your key accounts. 

With this launch, you can quickly turn your dashboards into templates by tagging the dashboard as a template, allowing teams to efficiently and confidently recreate their standard analyses and share best practices with just a few clicks. Save time when repeating common analyses and make it simpler for new team members to measure impact.

Using Find and Replace on dashboards, you can set up parameters for templates or make changes to your dashboard’s charts without clicking into charts. This update allows you to replace any property, event, text, or even projects at the dashboard level without needing to edit every single chart for analysis! 

Lastly, Dashboard Templates can now be found in search and be added to spaces! 

This allows teams to manage their template inventory better and make it easier for anyone in the organization to find templates relevant to them. 

With these improvements, Dashboards are now replacing templates, and they can:

  1. Be tagged as a template (tag appears on the DB, in search, and spaces)

  2. Highlight template instructions for end-users 

  3. Replace events, properties, texts, and projects to templatize charts 

Comment below with your template ideas. We can’t wait to see what you create!

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