Custom Session Definitions are now Generally Available (GA)

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Custom Session Definitions are now Generally Available (GA)


A few months ago we announced a beta release of our new custom session definitions. These definitions are accessible via Project Settings in the Session Definition modal. Customers can use new "out of the box" ways to define a session retroactively in Amplitude, including grouping events by custom properties you associate as a session, custom session timeouts and even start-end events to associate when a session begins and ends.



This release is now generally available to all customers. As part of this GA update, we've also released support to view and validate custom session groupings in User Timelines, one of the most common functionality requests since our beta release at the end of last year. One way to view these is to open up Microscope from the User Sessions chart, click View Users, select a specific user, then scroll down to the Event Stream to see the user's events grouped by session. These sessions will now reflect the new custom definition you originally set.

If you've been flying blind in Amplitude without proper session data, try out this new functionality and let us know what you think! We'd love to hear from you the kinds of session insights that are now possible.

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