Amplitude + Productboard

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Our new Productboard integration will enable Amplitude customers that use Productboard to filter customer feedback based on cohorts created within Amplitude, and categorize these insights into themes that can inform the product roadmap and prioritization process. This will help product managers make better decisions about what to build and who it will impact when new features are shipped.


With this integration, Amplitude + Productboard customers will now be able to:

  • Aggregate customer and product data from multiple sources in a single place to get a richer view of how your feature is performing
  • Use built-in Amplitude cohorts to filter notes, features, and roadmaps, and create custom user impact scores
  • Better serve your target persona in Productboard by studying qualitative feedback alongside behavioral product data

To get started, Amplitude + Productboard users can create a cohort of users for a particular segment that might be important for their product strategy - including isolating feedback from Cohorts or showing roadmaps based on Cohorts. You can bring these cohorts into Productboard in order to organize feedback, prioritize features and create compelling roadmaps. Learn more about the Product Board integration here.


p.s. Interested in learning more about user engagement and how cohorts can help? be sure to check out our on-demand webinar around driving user engagement as part of our Product Led Growth Series! 

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