Amplitude Data is Generally Available

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Earlier this year, we introduced a beta version of Amplitude Data — a central hub for data management in Amplitude that combines Govern, Sources, and Destinations with new planning and data observability features. We've been incorporating your feedback and improving performance. Today, we are excited to announce that we're removing the Beta label and making Amplitude Data generally available!

In case you're new to Amplitude Data, the new experience improves your ability to:

  • Plan: Leave outdated spreadsheets and one-off Confluence pages behind, and use an always up-to-date tracking plan you can evolve with your team. You can proactively plan events and properties directly in Amplitude during development and instrument events accurately from the get-go.

  • Verify: New observability features let you monitor incoming data and immediately identify issues. You'll be able to verify incoming data against your tracking plan and identify potential problems to help you improve your data quality.

  • Collaborate: With branches, you can have a working copy of your tracking plan you can develop with your team. No need for v2/v3/v4 versions of a spreadsheet — you can iterate with your team in a branch, then merge once you're ready. You can also ensure your team is up-to-speed with commenting support and Slack notifications.

Enterprise and Govern Add-on customers also have access to advanced data management features in Amplitude Data, including transformations that help clean up your data and derived properties that let you use formulas to create new properties retroactively.

Customers with the Accounts add-on will also be able to move to the new experience soon. The Accounts add-on allows you to perform analyses by custom groups (for example, by companies instead of by individual users). Amplitude Data provides additional capabilities to plan and manage these group types and properties. Over the coming weeks, we're also adding support for Portfolio and working on a new version of the Taxonomy API.

Check out the Amplitude Academy Course to see Amplitude Data in action, find more details in our help documentation, and stay tuned to get your migration notification in your email with more information about the new experience.

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