Amplitude Experiment

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Amplitude Experiment

Last month, Amplitude launched Experiment, an experimentation and feature management solution powered by analytics and customer behavior. Experiment is the first solution to provide a complete, end-to-end workflow from hypothesis to analysis that empowers organizations to scale experimentation across teams and make bigger bets that drive growth.

When it comes to experimentation in your digital product, nothing is more important than the process. The process ensures that you have the highest chance for success—a result with a clear next steps—so that you don’t waste precious resources or steer your team down the wrong path.

In Experiment, that process is Design, Rollout, and Learn. Through those key phases, we compiled every step—from hypothesis development to targeting to measurement—into a single page. Not only is it easier to manage your experiments, it helps you ship better tests because you start and end with your customer data. Check out a demo video below, and read the full launch blog here.


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