How to create an event with different states.

  • 28 March 2024
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So the best way to ask this may be by telling you what i am doing. I want to create on event  such as “sign up button clicked” and then i want to have two different states or maybe versions of the this event. That way i can track the event across split tests of my site. 

So for example say I have a live site and a test site. I have 200 users visit the site and 100 visitors go to the live site and 100 go to test site. 50 people click the “start sign up button” on the live site and 65 click it on the test site. I currently have the event set up like this: 

export function startedSignup_amplitude() {

    const eventType = startedSignUp

    const eventProperties = {

        type: dev,


    amplitude.track(eventType, eventProperties)


my plan was to change the event properties type to either live or test based on which version they are on. but i cant seem to find where the event properties are being tracked at all in amplitude. is there a better way of doing this?

2 replies

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Hi @Chris Marshall 
Ideally, the test vs live setup could be done on two different projects if you want to separate out test data from your live production data.

Can you explain “i cant seem to find where the event properties are being tracked at all in amplitude”?

If your instrumentation code is correctly firing events, then your “startedSignUp” event on a group by with “type” property should show you the values captured - dev and live.


So the code is all set up correctly as far as i can tell from the documentation. 

When i go to my amplitude dashboard, the only event that ever appears is the “Page Viewed” or the “Start Session” event even though i am not calling those events at all. When i click the buttons the custom event doesnt show up anywhere that i can find, nor does the custom event i created for page loaded.