How to add category column in templates to upload for tracking plan

  • 24 April 2023
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Hi, I'm trying to create a new tracking plan to add new event and properties to track for our product. However, in the template you provided, there is no column for "Category" or "Event Category". I had to add category manually after events were uploaded. Is there way to add that information when editing the tracking plan?

additionally, is there a way to rename existing events in the tracking plan or i have to do that manually in the amplitude dashboard? Thank you!


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4 replies

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For the first part, I don’t think uploading an event category is currently possible, pretty sure it’s a variable only present in the UI itself. Will happily be corrected if that’s not the case!

For the second part, data is immutable in Amplitude so you won’t be able to change the names in the underlying data. However, if you go to the events in the Data section of Amplitude you’ll find an option to give them a different name…note that this only changes the displayed names in the UI.

There is something of a workaround for the second part. You could send your event with the new name…this will appear in Amplitude as a completely new event, but you can then use the Merge feature to combine with the old event with the incorrect name. If you export the dataset anywhere though (say to Snowflake or something like that), the export will still contain the original and new events separately due to the aforementioned immutability.

Thank you! A follow-up question: is it possible to add new properties to existing event?

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Simple answer….yes. Once they’re received by Amplitude you’ll then just need to lock them down in your schema in Data.

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@xiaohai great questions! Thanks for posting them here in community and welcome! 👋 @dangrainger thank you!!! 🙏