How can i track where the channels users downloaded my app from?

Hi, We have implemented amplitude to track sign-ups and some activities on our application>
We want to know where these users came from to download our app...
So we do Google Ads and run some Facebook campaigns. We want to know if a particular user downloaded the app from the Facebook campaign of Google Ads or just an organic user as it will help us in our marketing analysis...

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Hi @Imoh Amos. Amplitude doesn’t track app installs natively, but we partner with a number of other solutions that can do this. For example, you can use Branch or Adjust to track these and connect them to Amplitude.

Thank you very much for your response and clarification…
Please can Appsflyer be used to achieve it if we Integrate it?

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@Imoh Amos 

Amplitude does support AppsFlyer as an attribution data source