Tracking conversion time in an experiment


I’m running an experiment and want to see if there is a significant difference between my control and treatment group in the time it takes for users to perform a specific action. When creating a funnel graph I see that the average time to convert is a pre-calculated metric. Is there a way to track this metric in my experiment? Or is there any other way to add conversion time between two events as a custom metric to my experiment?

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Hey Aaron, are you collecting timestamps on the events you’re looking to measure? Do you have the derived properties functionality?

Hi Beth,


Thanks for the reply!


Yes I have the timestamps of the metrics. My data looks similar to for instance a shopping cart checkout:

Event: Added product to cart - Timestamp: 2024-06-01 10:00:00

Event: Purchased product - Timestamp: 2024-06-01  10:15:00

I then want to create a metric like ‘Cart to purchase time’, which for this particular user would be 15 minutes. This metric I then want to track in an experiment to see if users in the treatment group have a shorter purchase time compared to control.


Also, yes I have the derived properties functionality.