Snowflake as Source is not working

  • 28 February 2023
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I’ve tested 4 scenarios of different configurations to set Snowflake as source and all of them failed:

  1. Event + Time Based Configuration - successful creation of source BUT will have a Status of “No Data” even after performing the scan. In the docs, it states the first scan is supposed to do a Full sync, but no activity can be seen in the “Ingestion Jobs” tab. The “Edit Import Config” shows an error stating that the file has not been pulled with the configuration settings, when I did not even do anything to it yet.
  2. User Prop + Time Based Configuration - same issue as the first one.
  3. User Prop + Full Sync Configuration - successful creation of source and Status will show as Connected. “Ingestion Jobs” tab shows that data is indeed ingested. BUT, there are 2 problems I have observed. First, the count of rows ingested does not match the table row count in Snowflake: ingested 31,220 when the table has 38,873 in Snowflake. 

Some observation I had:

  • In the “Edit Import Config” tab, time-based configurations will have the error “Error converting file: No file matched pattern.”, while in the full-sync, it will have a JSON format info. My take is, there is a probability no files were created for the time-based import, hence the regex error.
  • Clicking Next in the Edit Imported Config and editing the parameters still will not work.

Nothing is even working. After scouring the internet, it seems everyone is having the same problems as I am. Or are there any other configurations that has to be done to get this to work?

3 replies

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Thanks for posting here @reyanalyst We’ve forwarded these details to the team who will get back to you on this thread. 

Please also check this follow up question I have: 


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Hi @reyanalyst The team currently looking into this but saw that you’ve added some sources with some changes and these are now importing events correctly. Were you able to resolve the issue affecting the import? If not, please confirm and I can continue to investigate on my end and report to the Engineers.