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  • 30 June 2023
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Hi Amplitude team! We’ve seen that you have made a UI and feature updates in almost every section of Amplitude product. This change creates a blocker for our process actually. We found that in the segmentation feature there is an option to revert back to the legacy Controls.

Is this option available for the Experiment feature too? There are a couple of features that is no longer available and it’s quite painful for us. Would like to list it all down because I don’t have the pre existing UI screenshot.

  1. Copy-pasting a value without “ “. We saw that in the new feature when we want to copy a value, let’s say ID 23476 it will paste with “23476” which will not be detected as a user id. And thus creating the need to erase it one by one.
  2. The Open in Analytics feature which offers user to able to open a metric in Experiment to the Segmentation Chart. This helps us to further dive deep in the charts, so having the feature not available makes us have to copying and pasting each metrics and creating a separate segmentation.
  3. Non Admin users is not able to see the details of a variant (expecially Payload) in Flag. We saw that now users who doesn’t have access to production cannot see the payload of a variant (minimizing the details of a variant also creates an unnecessary extra journey). We have a lot of stakeholder who needs to validate the payload accordingly so the ability to only view the payload is necessary (which was already available before but is not now).

A couple of pictures of the stated above :

Copy pasting adds a “ ”
Non admin user view of variant in Flag
Open in Analytics no longer available


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