Integrating Appsflyer attribution data to Amplitude

  • 11 September 2023
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We have been trying to send the Appsflyer integration data to Amplitude but we are unable to see the events on the Amplitude dashboard. We have followed documentations provided by both Appsflyer and Amplitude but we do have a few doubts which might be causing the integration to fail.

  1. We are using Amplitude-swift for getting the user analytics and initially we were to collecting the IDFA value from the user but for this integration to work I assume we require IDFA from both Amplitude and Appsflyer so we implemented the IDFA collection plugin as we are not able to useĀ adSupportBlock method mentioned in the documentation. Would this be enough to get the IDFA collected?
  2. Could you clarify how to match the events in both Appsflyer and Amplitude? Any two events with the same IDFA value would suffice or should we map the events to amplitude while setting this up in Appsflyer?

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