Can I delete my account and sign-up again?

  • 21 March 2023
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Hi, I created my personal account with an organisation, and I realised that I have to re sign-up with a business account. Would it be okay to delete my current account and re-create it with the same organisation? Thank you :) 


Best answer by belinda.chiu 24 March 2023, 18:59

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4 replies

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Thanks for reaching out here @aprbirdkim. Here’s more information on deleting your account. 


Thanks for reaching out here @aprbirdkim. Here’s more information on deleting your account. 


Hi, I’ve read that question but doesn’t seem it matches me. I’m wondering whether I would not be able to make a new account after deleting the current account AND re-create it straight away with the same organisation. =) Many thanks!

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Thanks for clarifying @aprbirdkim I’ll share this with our support team who can help.

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Hi @aprbirdkim ! Welcome to the Community and I’m happy to help 👋 

Instead of deleting your personal account in the organization that you already created, you should be able to add your business account as a Team Member to that organization: You can then make that business account user an Admin and make the switch like that. If you do want to remove your personal account as a user in the organization, you can do so after you log into your business account. 

This route above is better especially if you plan on keeping the organization you already created. 

Hope this helps!