Amplitude Experiment - Data Export/Migration?

  • 16 July 2021
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Howdy folks!

My team is considering adopting Amplitude Experiment, so I'm writing up a proposal. I had a question about backing up and exporting experiment data. I’m aware of the available options provided for the standard Amplitude analytics service, but I’m not able to find any documentation regarding the Experiment service specifically.

Additionally, if we wanted to have our Experiment data synced to an external datastore, is that an option that’s provided to Experiment users?

Are the data management options the same in both services, or do they differ, is my question essentially.

Thanks a ton!



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Hello @Gaberham.Lincoln,


If i am understanding correctly you are wondering if Experiment data is available for extraction similar to Analytics.


The answer is yes. Experiment data is sent over to Analytics which means Experiment data is queryable in Analytics. Since all the data lives in Analytics you will be able to export Experiment data similar to other data.